Do bile and rants qualify as genuine criticism?

Sagarika Ghose

Sagarika Ghose

Usually, I don’t take hate-hags like Sagarika Ghose seriously, and hence don’t even bother to reply them. Nevertheless, I did rebut Sagarika Ghose when she came up with her nonsensical blog Su che? Saru che!. The same Sagarika Ghose has now come up with her piece of advice to BJP supporters. Her latest blog Letter to India’s Right: All critics aren’t leftists or ‘deshdrohis’ is sort of an open letter.

Dear Sagarika Ghose, let me begin by asking you a simple question- what are your political leanings? As you already have shot off a letter to India’s right, why am I not to believe that you are a leftist? This question was posed to just let you know that the title of your latest blog, as always, is as absurd as you.

Now let’s come to the point. Of course we have secured a MASSIVE electoral victory in the general elections DESPITE a vile campaign of propaganda by “news-traders” in the mainstream media and political opponents. The breakthrough victory in Haryana is remarkable as it has signaled the end of identity based politics in India, something your peers and you don’t like. And the victory in Maharashtra, despite the split in the Saffron alliance bears a testimony to the ever increasing popularity of the BJP in India. Do you believe that the left has gifted us these stunning victories? No, we have tirelessly fought for these victories and hence we are in this jubilant mood. To paraphrase Deepika Padukone, yes we are the Indian Right, we have swept the polls, and we are in a jubilant mood, #YouGotAProblem? And why are you even counting crimes of the UPA now? When you were supposed to take them on, you developed cold feet; you were rather busy in passing inane comments on the Right. Whenever we drew your attention to the crimes of Congress, you would tweet some article you wrote to criticize Congress somewhere around 2005. Let me quote Mark Twain – Loyalty to the country always, loyalty to the government when it deserves it. This may help you understand why the social media in India is not anti-establishment anymore.

No Sagarika, propaganda is not what you accuse the social media to indulge in; propaganda is what your tribe has been doing thus far and still continue to do on behalf of Congress. Propaganda is what your former colleague Ashutosh used to do for the Aam Aadmi Party when was the Managing Editor of IBN7. And of course you do have a right to disagree with anyone, but it does not mean that your disagreement only shall prevail. If you have the right to express your opinion or disagree with us, we too do have a right to express our opinions and disagree with you as well. And do I even need to remind you how desperately your husband Rajdeep Sardesai tried to evolve Arvind Kejriwal? Why don’t you come up with some substantial criticism of the government instead of such inane bile? Or is it beyond your skills to come up with substantial criticism of the present government?

Yeah Sagarika Ghose, it’s a war against the monopoly of a handful people as opinion makers and a political family which is touted as the messiah of India by those opinion makers. It’s a war against those who are dishonest to their respective professions and not loyal to India and its interests. And let me assure you, Sagarika Ghose, that we are determined to take this war to its conclusion and willing to pay whatever the price may be. We do respect constructive criticism and there’s definitely a place for such genuine critics of the government in current order of the establishment. The recent appointment of Arvind Subramanian as the Chief Economic Advisor is a testimony to our tolerant approach to genuine criticism and eagerness to improvise. By the way, if someone calls Dawood Ibrahim, a dreaded terrorist, who is responsible for countless terrorist attacks on India a patriot, we do consider him or her a ‘deshdrohi’. If someone tries to defame the Indian Prime Minister on foreign soil, we do call him a ‘deshdrohi’.  Is it just a matter of coincidence that your husband, Rajdeep Sardesai, too happens to be a ‘deshdrohi’?

A sample of Sagarika Ghose’s behaviour on Twitter

And whenever someone has criticized you or posed a logical question which you could not answer, you have sorted to calling names and abused that person, Sagarika Ghose.

Dear Sagarika Ghose, we all know what the media has covered and what not. We know the exact number of op-eds and debates dedicated to 2002 riots, Ishrat encounter, Sohrabuddin encounter, snoopgate, and Gandhi’s assassination as well. When media was to cover Assam riots, the tyranny of distance was the hindrance. Surprisingly again, this shameless excuse was offered by none other than Rajdeep Sardesai. We also know how extensively media is covering whatever is happening in states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Kerala. Surely, seizure of countless bombs, revelation of underground tunnels, links of the locals with global terrorist organizations don’t deserve extensive coverage, op-eds, and prime time debates! When a young and upright journalist Gaurav Sawant asked some uncomfortable question on Saharanpur riots, Caliph of the Indian media Rajdeep Sardesai was quick to announce that Sawant had lost his moral compass. Petitions were signed and finally the journalist was forced to delete his questions. So now I’m asking you, Sagarika Ghose, why cannot you sympathizers of the Congress take criticism? Why do you always intimidate and in some cases eliminate those who dare ask you uncomfortable and tough questions? So far as supporters of the left and Congress are concerned, they have been abusing us ever since India won her independence. They call us sanghi, knickerwallah, gaumutra (cow-piss) drinkers, and what not! Moreover, why would they call you names, as whatever expose and criticism that dethroned them mainly came from us only!

We don’t call ourselves Rightwingers or Conservatives; it’s only you and your peers who have bestowed many such adjectives upon us. Unlike you, we don’t import our political definitions and ideas from Europe or the US. We believe in Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay’s philosophy of Integral Humanism. We believe in Hindutva, i.e. Cultural Nationalism. And so far as issues like homosexuality are concerned, I suggest you to read S. Gurumurthy’s article Homosexuality is not a virtue. You can refer to his articles on the economy and other topics as well. And as you know, he is considered close to the RSS.

I really doubt your ability to comprehend and understand economic issues and hence advise you not to comment on things you don’t understand. So far as India’s stance at WTO is concerned, you’re advised to read this, this and this articles. Many more op-eds, other than those I quoted, are available on India’s stand at WTO. Talking about the economic reforms, of course, an illiterate of the subject like you would like to believe that until the government permits FDI in retail, it has not brought enough economic reforms. And so far as overhauling of the taxation policy is concerned, let me quickly remind you that the Finance Minister is yet to present his maiden full-time budget. Moreover, it’s not always about lowering taxes, dear Sagarika Ghose!

To quote William Berkley Jr, Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views. Same is the case with you and your clan as well, Sagarika Ghose! As a matter of fact, are always ready to debate anything and everything, be it article 370 or UCC, Sagarika Ghose. Your allegation that the space for debate has suddenly become so restricted is laughable, and even you know that. What democracy are you talking about? Your husband was asking people on the foreign soil whether the Prime Minister was of BJP or India. The very democratic order you’re talking about was mocked by your peers when they came up with the absurd logic that the government does not represent the people of India as it has got only 31% of popular votes. That logic, besides being factually incorrect, is also an insult to the constitutionally adopted democratic procedure to elect representatives, and hence an insult to the constitution of India itself. The right to free speech, that the constitution bestowed upon the citizen of India, was curtailed and contained by none other than Nehru himself by introducing article 19(2) as the first amendment of the constitution. We have never seen your peers or you campaigning to repeal section 153A or 295A of the Indian Penal Code or article 19(2) of the Constitution of India, Sagarika Ghose. Yeah, the right to free speech must fundamentally include the right to dissent. So why were we deprived of that right whenever we expressed our dissent over the Marxist or Western version of the Indian history? Why were we not given enough space to express our contrarian views and present nationalist narrative of the Indian history? So, let’s first practise what we preach, Sagarika Ghose! Will you?