Stop issuing certificates of one’s truthfulness to his religion, especially when you’re an ignorant fool

Let me start my rejoinder to Mr. Sanam Sharma’s write-up, A True Hindu Is A Secular Hindu, on a note of agreement. I do agree with you, Mr. Sharma, that India is hurting. The only question is who is hurting India… Quite frankly, Mr. Sharma, I failed to understand what you intended to convey when you wrote- “Saffron-hued right-wing organisations like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Shiv Sena are touting their allegiance with the Hindu “majority” of India and running amok, creating communal havoc in India.” You didn’t even think it necessary to quote even lies or half-truths to validate your example. Probably, you thought that who is going to read and challenge you anyway in the first place! As I went on to read your write-up, I had an encounter with the second serious allegation in the very first paragraph itself- “It seems, under the current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led majority government in India, the likes of RSS and Shiv Sena have found a loud, ugly voice to disrupt the sanctity and harmony of an entire nation.” Even here, you didn’t find it necessary to validate your argument. Never mind! Not a good start though, I must comment.

You begin the second paragraph with yet another insinuation- “These organisations defend their deeds by announcing themselves as the caretakers of “Hinduism”. Just like the previous two insinuations, you did not find it necessary to validate your statement yet again. You should have quoted at least one example each- for RSS and Shiv Sena- to convince your readers how and when did either of the two organizations ‘defended’ their deeds by announcing themselves as ‘THE’ caretakers of ‘Hinduism’. Sadly, you don’t seem interested at all to build up your case on the basis of factual or logical arguments. Instead, you rather seem to be of the opinion that whatever you speak shall be accepted as the Gospel truth without any scrutiny. This is not going to happen, Mr. Sharma. Lies after lies have already disgusted me, Mr. Sharma. Here comes another lie- “Regrettably, the ruling BJP and its supportive political alliance, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been extremely reluctant in issuing a stern reprimand against these out of control networks of religious hooligans.” Firstly, what exactly do you mean by ‘religious’ hooligans? And secondly, not only PM Modi, but also the Party President Amit Shah issued a stern warning against those who chose to make inadvertent comments. You do not seem to be an avid newspaper reader, it seems, Mr. Sharma.

Now, it’s true that recently a Muslim man was ‘lynched to death’ by a mob over rumours of him have consumed and procured beef in Dadri, of Uttar Pradesh. Now, Mr. Sharma, it seems that you either used to bunk your civics class or prefer to sleep in the civics class. You should be aware of the very basic fact that the law and order is a state subject, and hence Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, should be the one whom you should be putting in the dock. Let me also remind you that after this Dadri incident, a Dalit animal liberation activist, Prashan Poojaray, was brutally assassinated in Karnataka because he valiantly took on the beef mafia; but you conveniently chose not to mention it either because you do not value Dalit lives or you think it’s fair to kill someone for merely exercising his freedom of expression! Then you express your anguish over Shiv Sena blackening Sudheendra Kulkarni’s face to mark their protest against the book-launch programme he was to host. Now, here too, you forgot to mention that when ink was thrown at Baba Ramdev, (or even that controversial Pramod Muthalik) the media and intelligentsia was not only overjoyed but also debated the nuances of this form of ‘protest’! Certainly, if blackening the face of Baba Ramdev (or even Muthalik) is acceptable or endorsed, so shall be the case with Sudheendra Kulkarni as well, unless you wish to identify yourself as a rank hypocrite! When you write that “A few days ago, the home of a Dalit family was set alight. Two young children lost their lives”, are you even aware that the investigation is going on, and the forensic experts are of the opinion that the fire ignited from inside and not outside the house? Never mind, as I commented earlier, you don’t seem to be reading newspapers at all.

In case you wish to compare the state of play in India right now, please refer to the NCRB data, and do compare the law & order situation in NDA ruled states with other states to arrive at any conclusion. (Caution: It requires some mathematical skills to comprehend the data!)

The BJP has always lashed out at the miscreants, be it the fake church attacks, or fake nun-rape, or Dadri lynching. Also, instead of wanting the concerned state governments to take stern actions, you only want the BJP and its allies to lash out at the miscreants? Bravo! No wonder why people like you do not value the findings of the Supreme Court monitored SIT on the post-Godhara riots of Gujarat in 2002 and go on to insist that PM Modi should express remorse over something he is not guilty of. Now, pray tell me how exactly is the common person on the street suffering because of the farce called ‘award wapsi’?

Before churning out a lecture on ‘intolerance’, you should have clearly defined what exactly you think intolerance is and how is it uniquely associated with the present government.

Now before calling anyone else a thug, dear Mr. Sharma, pray tell me who the hell are you? Another thug? Now listen carefully- just like the Shiv Sena or the RSS are not the caretakers of Hinduism, even you are not. Why are you even trying to impose your imaginations and lack of understanding as Hinduism on us? Why???

You claim to be an ‘educated Hindu’… Forget about the Hindu part, I really doubt whether you’re indeed educated as you even failed a basic civics test! Never mind, such is the pitiful state of the Indian education!

Now, what the ‘Hindu’ in you feels or makes you do is strictly none of my business, and hence I would not comment on the truckload of bullshit you’ve written on that. It’s your privilege and I want you to enjoy that privilege… It’s just that you don’t have to impose it on others and shall refrain from calling people/organizations as thugs, if you wish not to be called names, just because the ‘Hindu’ in you says so…

To sum up, organizations like Shiv Sena or the RSS can be criticized over million other things, but not on the grounds you have tried to criticize! Firstly, you yourself know nothing about Hinduism, and hence the question whether Shiv Sena or RSS stands for Hinduism you know doesn’t even arise!

Also, be merciful and define secularism as well.

(PS: I was getting really bored when I came across your write-up, and hence in order to kill my boredom, I decided to churn out a rejoinder! Nothing personal…)


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