7th October, 1941

“In pursuance of the resolution on ‘Immediate Programme’ passed at Madura by the Hindu Mahasabha and reaffirmed by the All-India Committee at Calcutta, it is encouraging to note that the Hindu Militarization movement is being carried on effectively by the Hindu-Sanghatanists throughout India. Several outstanding leaders of the Mahasabha are carrying on an intellectual campaign through press and platform to fan up the martial spirit in the Hindu Race which lay dormant and suppressed for want of opportunity and encouragement. The heroic Goorkhas, Sikhs, Jats, Rajputs, Mahrattas have joined the army in their thousands while the demand of the Hindu Mahasabha for doing away with the humiliating distinction of listed and non-listed classes and castes being conceded under the pressure of war exigency by the Government, Hindus of all castes and classes are also joining the Forces from almost all province in an ever-increasing measure. Thousands are being trained in the different manufactories for ammunition, in ordnance factories, ship-yards and in several other war-crafts. Hundreds of valorous Hindu youths have already secured King’s Commissions and Viceregal Commissions.

“This is all as it should be. The beginning is well made. But I urge on all Hindu Sabhas and Hindu-Sanghatanists throughout India to intensify their efforts yet more effectively and strenuously to utilize this unique opportunity to press on the movement for militarizing our Hindu Race and get it trained up to an up-to-date military efficiency.

“There is no question of co-operating or non-co-operating with the British Government in their war-efforts. The only question that you have before you is to find out how best you can turn this inevitable co-operation with the British as profitable to your own country as it is possible under our present circumstances to do.

“Because let it not be forgotten that those who fancy that they can claim of not having co-operated with the Government and helped the war-efforts either on account of the demoralizing and hypocritical fad of absolute non-violence and non-resistance even in face of an armed aggression or as a matter of policy simply because they do not join the fighting forces, are but indulging in self-deception and self-complacency. They pay taxes, serve in the railway, postal, legal and even police department and are openly out to pool up as much, profit as they can in supplying directly to the military departments clothing, blankets, food and all other articles. Thus they too provide the Government with the very sinews of war. For all practical purposes they too cannot hut cooperate with the British Government with this only difference that their policy of boycotting the army deprives the nation of the only outstanding benefit it could have received in return for this inevitable co-operation.
“But if we Hindusabhaites utilise this opportunity to the largest measure possible by extending military co-operation with the British Government in a responsive spirit and measure we shall do a double service to Hindudom. The first being that we shall be able to defend our own country, hearths and homes, if we are actually attacked by alien forces from out-side or by an internal anti-Hindu anarchy, secondly in addition to this immediate benefit we shall be able to press on the Hindu Militarization movement to such an extent as to secure permanently a dominant position for the Hindus in the Indian army, navy and air-force wherein today the moslems are almost monopolising and the Hindu element is woefully subordinated as a result of the criminal negligence towards and even a downright condemnation of military life which the Congress under the Gandhist lead had been guilty of.

“Under the present circumstances, therefore, of all policies, to press on the cause of Hindu militarization is the best and the most far-sighted policy we can adopt. Let the Hindus therefore come forward now and enter the army, the navy and the air-force, the ordnance and other war-crafts factories in their thousands and millions. Let them cross the seas to give fight and to pass through the baptism of fire in all the world theatres of war, learn to use the latest weapons the world knows of and measure their swords with the bravest races of the world of today. This cannot but liberalise the social outlook of the Hindu Race, get rid materially of present economical unemployment, give a fillip to industrialization, render the Hindu military-minded, spirited and valorous and secure and stabilise the Hindu strength in Indian Military Forces of all arms. The latest developments and the war situation on the Western and Eastern fronts make it inevitable for the British Government to depend on India’s man power in an ever-increasing measure. An Indian army wherein millions of Hindus occupy the dominant position which their population proportion entitles them to do must prove the most effective factor not only to defend our country in this present juncture but also to further the cause of the political emancipation too of our motherland in the long run.

“To deal with the difficulties and the grievances which the Hindu recruits to the Army find from time to time, a Central Northern Hindu Militarization Board has been formed by the Hindu Mahasabha at Delhi with Mr. Ganpat Rai, B.A., L.L.B., Advocate, 51, Panchkuin Road, New Delhi, as convener. A Central Southern Hindu Militarization Board is also formed under the Chairmanship of Mr. L. B. Bhopatkar, M.A., L.L.B., President Maharashtra Provincial Hindusabha, Sadashiv Peth, Poona. All complaints or applications for information etc. should be addressed by those Hindus who want to enter the Forces or have already enlisted themselves in them, to the above addresses. Sir Jwala Prasad Shrivastav; Barrister Jamnadasji Mehta, Bombay; Mr V.V. Kalikar, M.L.C., Nagpur and other members on the National Defence Council or the Advisory War Committee will certainly try their best to get these difficulty removed so far as possible when they are forwarded by these Militarization Boards on to them.

“One point however must be noted in this connection as emphatically as possible in our own interest that those Hindu who join the Indian Forces should be perfectly amenable and obedient to the military discipline and order which may prevail there provided always that the latter do not deliberately aim to humiliate Hindu honour.”



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