25th September, 1947

“The vital interests of Hindudom demand that some maxims and arguments emphasized in chorus by the Congressite ministers, leaders and the press should be promptly refuted. For example Pandit Nehru has been reiterating of late that the right of retaliation or punishment belongs to the state alone and in no case the people (meaning in this case the Hindus-Sikhs) could be justified in exercising it on their own initiative and responsibility. In laying down this maxim Panditji has happily refused to indulge in the mischievous mumbo-jumbo of Gandhistic morals. He stated, clearly that he was not talking about the morals of this question but the practical aspects of it only. So far so good… But he conveniently forgot to touch the most crucial and practical aspect of the question- what were the people to do. when the state proved either so unwilling or so pusillanimous as to fail miserably even to defend its own people- not to speak of retaliating to avenge the wrongs perpetrated on their hearths and homes and honour?

Even an individual has a legal right of self-protection and of retaliation in so far at any rate as it forms an inevitable weapon of self-defence against a violent aggressor, when the Police is nowhere in evidence or is unable or the worst of it all, is unwilling to face the aggressor for fear of displeasing him. Verily a people must have this fundamental right which even a citizen possesses.

What were the thousands on thousands of Hindu-Sikhs to do when faced by an imminent danger of being massacred in cold blood, looted, burnt alive, forcibly converted, in short, of being exterminated as a racial and National Being by the most barbarous attacks of an organized, dangerously armed and fanatically hostile foe and especially when the state as such was nowhere in evidence so efficiently as to Tender any the least protection to them? While the state of Pakistan allowed fire-arms and explosives to be distributed to the Moslem population throughout Western Punjab, the League leaders were openly inciting their people that Pakistan was but a springboard to pounce upon Hindusthan and the Moslems in their thousands were parading in the streets, in towns and in cities dangerously armed and raising terror-striking slogans “Haske liya Pakistan marke lenge Hindusthan”.

While the Moslem state was planning in this wise definite campaign of invading Eastern Punjab and capturing Delhi in order to celebrate the inauguration of Pakistan- what was the Government of India doing in its capital at Delhi to counteract these dangerous developments on the part of our enemies? The first step the congressite ministers look was to deny emphatically that there existed any enmity at all between the two states, that they had won a triumph in bringing about a bloodless revolution by vivisecting our Motherland to avoid bloodshed and that the only thing which their immediate duty demanded was to order a Day of general rejoicings to celebrate the inauguration of their Indian State! In Delhi itself they allowed some fifty thousand Maos and several Khaksars to concentrate with secret stores of fire arms and explosives and with an ill-conceived design to capture the capital wherein fifty percent of the police were allowed to be Moslems under the command of a Moslem Commissioner! The Hindu Sanghatanists kept shouting from house-tops throughout India “Danger Ahead ! This is no time for rejoicings while you are stranded on the top of a volcano already in eruption! “But they were declared as traitors and communalists and were hunted out and imprisoned from province to province. The Frontiers of East Punjab were left totally undefended.

The consequence was that two days before the 15th of August rose, a general massacre of the Hindu-Sikh population accompanied with indiscribable horrors became the order of the day. But while that Moslem Province was resounding with shrieks of thousands on thousands of Hindu-Sikh women, men and children being outraged, murdered, thrown into flames alive, and was having a blood-bath in rivers of Hindu Sikh blood there, here in Delhi the Ministers of the Indian State were literally feasting and fiddling to celebrate their bloodless revolution!

Under these circumstances what wonder is there that millions of Hindu-Sikhs prompted by the instinct of self preservation and animated by the spirit of Pan-Hindu consolidation rose in arms in East Punjab, in Bharatpur, in Alwar, in Patiala and in Delhi itself and retaliated to the best of their might and means so furiously and effectively as to checkmate the Moslem hoards from attempting an invasion of East Punjab, threw them on their defensive and saved Delhi itself from being captured by the Moslems concentrated there. If Panditji and his Congressite comrades are still safe and secure in their scats, they owe it to this brave fight which the Hindu sanghatanist and Sikh forces gave in the nick of lime. And still it is he who unblushingly comes forward to deliver to them a sermon on the exclusive right of the State to retaliate!

Had a Shivaji or a Ranjit Singh been at the head of the State, they could have demanded with propriety that the people should leave the right of retaliation in their hands alone But when the puny Pandit tries to demand it in the accents of Shivaji, it strikes as funny as it would do if a pigmy standing on his tiptoe tried to rival a giant in height.

Nevertheless in all sincerity I exhort once more my Hindu brethren in the Congress and the Cabinet to take a lesson, at least now, from past errors, cease to be idealists and join hands with Hindu sanghatanists to face realities as revealed by the recent happenings. The stark realities in the main are these:—

(1) That the Moslems have tacitly declared a war on Hindusthan with a view to transform it altogether politically, religiously and culturally into a Moslem-sthan.

(2) That intense preparations to invade Hindusthan with up-to-date arms and air force are already afoot and with the help of the Pathans and Baluchis across the Frontiers and perhaps, under the lead of the Amir of Afghanistan they mean to open two extensive fronts in the main, one from Kashmir to Junagad- both included and the other in the South under the command of the Nizam threatening the territory from Macchalipatam to Goa on one side and C.P. and Berar on the other.

(3) That the Moslems in India are bound to rise in revolt simultaneously with this invasion from outside to sabotage and stab our state from within.

(4) That to forestall and counteract this Islamite peril our State must raise a mighty force exclusively constituted by Hindus alone, must open arms and ammunition factories exclusively manned by Hindus alone and mobilize every-thing on a war scale.

(5) That we should make it quite clear that the Moslem minority in Hindusthan shall receive the same treatment for better or for worse in kind and in scale that the Hindu Sikh minority receives at the hands of the Moslem Government, in all respects such as representation, services and even rights of citizenship.

(6) As in the very nature of things and on their own confessions neither the Gandhistic ideology nor the pseudo- rationalistic ideology of the Congress can ever cope with this Islamite offensive and as the Hindu sanghatanist ideology alone can and will be able to fight out this danger successfully, the Government should consist of such Ministers alone who are pledged to the Hindu Sanghatanist ideology alone. If the Congressite Ministers are unwilling to accept this Indispensable programme they should at least be patriotic enough to resign and hand over Government to the Hindu Sanghatanists and Sikhs. It is a self-conceited plea that questions the ability of the Hindu Nation to replace the present Congressite Ministers by leaders as able or even by better ones. If the Government is handed over to a Sikh-Hindusanghatanist Coalition, a cabinet could be formed within a week which will be not only more efficient but what is chiefly important shall also be far more willing to accept and carry out undauntedly the above programme which as we have proved is absolutely indispensable to face the stark realities as noted above.”



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