A Warning To Hindu Electorate

September 3, 1943

I wish to draw the attention of the Hindu public to a couple of outstanding points in connection with the electoral defeats which the Moslem League has inflicted on the Congress been sufficiently emphasized in any quarter.

The first point is that these electoral results in the N. W. F. Province have exploded one more myth of the Congress. However the Hindu Sanghatanists who knew much better how the innate urge which characterized the Frontier Pathans and other Moslems from generation to generation to harass religiously and politically the Hindus and to reestablish the Moslem domination in India, refused to believe that the Pathans could ever sub-serve these their aggressive tendencies to genuine India nationalism. The Congress used to refute this fact. Down to a few months ago the Congressites paraded with a triumphant air that a veritable miracle had been performed by Gandhiji and his deputies in the N.W.F. Province by converting at a touch even the irrepressible fanaticism of the Frontier Moslems into a docile nonviolent, non-cooperative ‘Indian Nationalism’. But this daydream to which the Congress clung has been dissipated at the very first shock of reality. The Pathan electorate has thrown the Congress overboard and voted for the League and its Pakistani ideology. The other party led by Dr Khan which is even now posing to sail under the Congress colours for the sake of the convenience of exploiting the Hindus will also be soon found leaving the Hindus in the lurch and joining openly the standard of the Pathanisthan movement as soon as the right moment comes. The Khan brothers cannot but prove the second edition of the Ali Brothers of yore.

The Hindus in the N.W.F. Province have only one remedy to save themselves. They must get rid of the pseudo-nationalism of the Congress, organise themselves once more as Hindus into a separate entity under the Pan-Hindu Flag. They should hold regular annual elections of the Provincial Hindu Sabha and consolidate it under the lead of leaders who any other body than this uncompromising Hindu Front. They must learn, letting bygones be bygones, to vote solidly for only those Hindus who stand on a clearcut Hindu Sanghatanist ticket and pledge to safeguard Hindu interest and refuse to merge their separate entity into the Congress organization. Just as the Moslem electorate voted solidly for the League even so the Hindu electorate must vote solidly for the Hindu Sanghatanis candidates. After having formed a solid, unalloyed and independent Hindu front,-independent especially of the Congress- then the Hindu party in the Legislature may join any other party in forming an allied group if it feels that the special interest of the Hindus is likely to be served better by joining the other party whether it is the Congressite one or the Moslem one.

The second point to be noted by the Hindus all over India in fo the effect that they should not try to explain away by foolish and self-delusive vagaries, the significance of the fact that the Moslems have learned to vote solidly for the Moslem League not because it has any very will-disciplined organization or extensive membership or work to recommend it but only because the Moslems have been taught and trained from their very cradle that their first duty is to enable Islam to dominate even politically over the non-Islamic world. To them the Moslem cause is the only patriotic, the only national nay, the only human cause. That is why the Moslem electorate, almost instinctive, backs up the candidates of any Moslem organization whether it be the Khilafat movement or the League as soon as that body pledges itself to defend and promote even aggressively this innate ambition of the Moslems The League has most uncompromisingly raised the standard of Pakistan and Moslem electorate backed it up by voting for it solidly and invested it with the unquestionable right of being the representative body of the vocal and powerful Moslem sections. But the Hindu electorate on the contrary has been subjected to the perverse and degenerating influence of the pseudo-nationalistic tenets of the Congress. Anybody or any organization that tries to advocate the Hindu Cause is immediately dubbed as unpatriotic, something sinful and any one or any organization that plays ducks and drakes with even the legitimate Hindu rights or with Hindu honour is invested with humanitarian magnanimity and saintliness. Owing to this mentality the Hindu electorate continued to entrust their representation in the hands of that very body which stands openly pledged not to defend Hindu rights as Hindu rights, and publicly maintained that ‘Nationalism’ requires it to betray the Hindu rights. The result is that the Hindus are now hemmed in on all sides by anti-Hindu forces and Pakistan and the cursed principle of Provincial self-determination to secede which is worse than Pakistan, have now become life issues.

But if the Hindus even now learn the stem lesson which the determination of Moslem electorate to vote only for the most aggressive Moslem candidate implies and rally round the only organization which has been strenuously, faithfully and effectively advocating the Hindu Cause then even now the Hindus would regain much that they have lost and find themselves in a dominant position in the political field.

The Congress cannot and will not recognize itself as a Hindu body and cannot therefore advocate the special rights and interests of the Hindus. Nay, on the other hand the Congress is always bound to indulge in letting down the Hindu case if only to prove more emphatically its pseudo-nationalistic pretensions. Witness for example the readiness with which the Congressite leaders and dictators from Rajaji to Gandhiji have already expressed their readiness to surrender from fifty per cent to even cent per cent Governmental power to the League and already accepted the principle of Pakistan and may tomorrow sign and seal it.

If today the Hindu cause is not defended or promoted as strongly and rapidly as it ought to have been it is only due to the suicidal mistake of the Hindu electorate in voting for this very Congress. Let the Hindu electorate try at least once to cast their votes for the Hindu Sanghatanist candidates and it will immediately see that the Hindu Mahasabha and the Hindu Front in general grows a dozen times more in strength than the League or the Moslem Front as a whole. The Provincial Governments as they are and the political power which happens to be available at the Centre will automatically fall into the hands of the staunchest advocates of HINDUTVA and then the Hindu Front would be powerful enough to checkmate the League—demand for Pakisthan or the Provincial right of Constitution-framing body which is bound to meet in near future if but the Hindu electorate votes for the Hindu tickets and refuses to vote for the Congress one.



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