From Quit India to Split India

July 14, 1944

Many prominent leaders have said that they were simply astonished by the recent publication of Jinnah-Rajaji correspondence, which disclosed the fact that Rajaji with the explicit and often repeated consent of Gandhiji himself expressed readiness to accept the principle of provincial self-determination to secede from the central Indian Government, and had actually made an offer of the north-western and eastern parts of Hindusthan to Jinnah if but he agreed to cooperate with the Congress in conducting the national Government which was still in the land of dreams. But they had no need to be astonished at this as news. It only reveals their woeful lack of political foresight and a pathetic or rather pathological belief in the passing Congressite slogans as “Quit India” set up by Gandhiji which made them blind to the prophetic writings on the walls. Did they not know that the Congress rejected the Cripps scheme only on the ground that the Government was not willing to hand over the control over the defence and military affairs but while straining at this gnat had thus swallowed the camel of the Pakistan principle. Have they forgotten that Congress had deliberately made it clear in its resolution passed at Delhi just after the Cripps negotiations broke down, emphasizing the point that they would not oppose the demand on the part of the Moslems regarding secession and setting up their own states on our borders— separate and sovereign. Or have they forgotten how in spite of the resolution on integrity of India geographical and political being passed by the All India Congress Committee at Allahabad, Moulana Azad gave a ruling that the Delhi resolution of granting Moslem demand for Pakistan, was not affected by this integrity resolution. To cap it all even when the “Quit India resolution was passed it was actually declared that the residuary powers would be vested in the provincial Governments. instead of the central, in addition to the concession the Congress had already made to the Pakistanis of the principle of Provincial self-determination to secede. Did not Gandhiji even after he was declared to be the dictator of the Congress by which he fancied himself to be authorized to act as the dictator of India, write a letter full of bombastic silliness to his “Quaide-Azam” to the following effect? :— “In all sincerity let me explain it again that if the Moslem League cooperated with the Congress for immediate independence, subject of course to the provision that independent India will permit the operations of the Allied armies in order to check Axis aggression and thus to help China and Russia, the Congress will have no objection to the British Government transferring all the powers it today exercises to the Moslem League on behalf of the whole of India including the so-called Indian India. The Congress will not only not obstruct any Government which the Moslem League may form on behalf of the people, but will even join the Government.” This is meant “in all seriousness and sincerity”. Even after he was imprisoned did not Gandhiji write to the Viceroy expressing gratitude to see that “he was not fallen from His Excellency’s grace”, to the effect that Mr. Jinnah should be entrusted with cent percent Governmental power and should be left free to govern as he chose at his own sweet will?

In view of all these facts, every responsible politician who was or ought to have been politically awake, must have seen that Gandhiji and almost all leaders of the Congress had conspired to betray Hindusthan in this wise ever since Mr. Jinnah made it a condition for the Congress-League pact and the notorious ‘sporting offer’ of Rajaji. Not could it be said that any warning in regard to this conspiracy was not given in time against this Congressite anti-Hindu and anti-national scheming. The Hindu Mahasabha had foretold that just as the Swaraj-Khilafat movement ended in strengthening the Khilafat forces and gave birth to the Pan-Islamic movement so also this Swaraj-Pakistan movement can only result in strengthening the Pakistani forces. Had I been hypocritical enough to claim to possess any super-human ‘Inner Voice’ I could have very well claimed this warning now as an oracular prophecy! ! So true it has come out to the letter. So completely justified had been the policy which refrained the Hindu Mahasabha from being duped into the movement of “Quit India But Keep Your Army Here”which has now ended in such miserable fiasco. From “Quit India” the Congress has inevitably landed on “Split India’ . Those who want to know the reasons which made me foresee this miserable end of the Congressite “Quit India” movement should do well to read my Presidential address delivered at Cawnpore, December 1942. Copies of it can be had free of charge at the Presidential office.

It is really unjust to look upon Rajaji alone as the villain of this tragedy. His fault is that he allowed himself to play as a willing tool in the hands of Gandhiji, who long before Rajaji’s ‘Sporting offer’ of seceding a few provinces to the Moslems had once abetted even the conspiracy to instigate the Amir of Afganistan to invade India under the pressure of the Ali Brothers, as has been evidenced by no less a trustworthy and saintly authority than the late Swami Shraddhanandaji himself. The fact is that a Moslem Raj in India has always been looked upon by Gandhiji and a large number of the Congressite mono-maniacs as a cent per cent ‘SwaRaj’.
Let Rajaji remember that he is a ‘Raja in name only and that the Indian provinces are not his or Gandhiji’s pri- vate property, to make a gift of them to any one they like There stands the Hindu Mahasabha and the whole Hindu Sanghatanist world in India to challenge all those self-seekers or the spineless simpletons or the treacherous pseudo-nationalists who dare to cut off an inch of this our Holy-Land and Fatherland.

Time has come therefore for you, O Hindu Sanghatanists to stand by and defend the geographical integrity and national unity of our Hindusthan. Gandhiji and his partisans want to betray Hindu birth-rights as well as the integrity of India as a nation and a, state for a mess of pottage without consulting Hindudom to the utter humiliation of our Hindu Race and Hindu Honour! ! I call upon even the Hindus, in the Congress who have not yet disowned their Hindu blood as well as those staunch nationalists in other organisations like the liberals who stand by Unity of Indian Nation as the fundamental principle of their political creed, to join hands with us in our efforts to organise an anti-Pakistani front, to denounce the principle itself which aims at” conceding the Moslem demand of provincial self-determination to secede from the central Government, to set up separate and sovereign Moslem states, depriving our Indian Nation of the strongest and most natural borders on both (ho western and eastern side.

As the first step to this anti-Pakistani campaign let there be meetings held throughout India during this month, denouncing in no uncertain language this proposal on the-part of Rajaji and Gandhiji and pledging ourselves to oppose the Pakistani demand, even if the Congressites come forward to support it. Let the resolutions be sent by post or wire to the Viceroy and broadcast in the press. Every branch, local, district or provincial, of the Hindu Mahasabha, as well as other Hindu Sanghatanist organisations and even independent national groups and associations speak out their mind with uncompromising boldness and determination. Let no mealy-mouthed phrases be used. Let us call a spade a spade. Let us know who is with us and who is not.

As it is almost certain that no pacts or servile submissions to the Government on the part of the Congress, can bring about any constitutional change in India as regards transfer of power is concerned, so long as the War lasts. we have sufficient time to organize our Hindu Sanghatanist and National forces, to save our Holy-Land from this danger of being vivisected.



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