To The Muslims of Kashmir

July 31, 1942

During my recent tour in Kashmir I found that the Kashmir Moslems were exploiting unjustly and unscrupulously the just and generous principles which guide the policy of the Hindu Mahasabha towards our Moslem countrymen in a truly national spirit.

The President of the Jammu & Kashmir Conference, a responsible body which had openly identified itself with the Pakistani movement and the Muslim League published an open letter addressed to me which after tipping me “for having views clear-cut and well-defined unlike those of the nationalistic leaders of the Congress, continued: ‘‘as you believe in fair play and justice and as your political convictions admit of no half measures or mental reservations, we hope that consistent with your views and your principle that population should be the sole criterion for representation, it would not be too much to expect that you would not hesitate to assert those principles in the affairs of the Kashmir state and lend your powerful support to the claims of the Moslem majority based on that principle; you would also admit the gross injustice done to the Moslems and call upon the Government not to ignore the rights and the claims of the Moslems which is the majority community.”

Pseudo Nationalists:

Not only this pro-Pakistan Moslem body but the so-called nationalistic Moslems also who, while condemning the Pakistan scheme, maintain like Maulana Azad, the view contained in the Congress resolution that they could not think in terms of compelling any province against its majority vote not to secede from India, seek to dominate the Hindu state under the cover of democracy as based on population proportion. Nay, I found a leading section of the Hindus too, as slogan-ridden as Pandit Jawaharlalji who had in no small degree encouraged and even led the Moslems in attacking the Hindu state of Kashmir under this specious excuse and did not hesitate to bluster out, when some Hindu Sanghatanists in Kashmir sought his advice, that he (Pt. Nehru) cared not if the whole Kashmir became a cent percent Islamic Slate. These slogan-ridden Hindus are ever ready to support every move on the part of the Moslems to dominate and undermine the consolidated strength of the Hindu state by playing into the hands of the Moslems if but the latter called themselves nationalists-and shouted ‘democracy Zindabad.’

Aggressive Designs:

Only a few years ago the Moslems rose in arms, hunted and looted the Hindus in villages and towns and even attempted to dethrone the Maharaja and take a forcible possession of the State itself. It was only when the military was called out that the revolt could be suppressed. yet, after all this, it was this very Moslem minority which could easily secure the sympathy of Gandhiji who wrote that if the Hindu Maharaja of Kashmir could not appease the Moslem majority in the State he had no moral right to rule there and that he should vacate his throne and go to Kashi to do penance. But when the Hindus were struggling for their very existence in the Hyderabad slate, Gandhiji forgot all about democracy and moral rights and dared not tell the Nizam to abdicate and go to Mecca to do “Toba”; on the contrary Gandhiji gave a public pledge not to embarrass the Nizam, and strained every nerve to embarrass even the civil resistance movement of the Hindus.

An Explanation:

It was natural that the Kashmir Moslems who never failed to catch the biggest Congressite fish in their net of democratic slogans should have tried to fish in the high waters of the Hindu Mahasabha too, by hanging out the baits of nationalism, democracy, majority rule! Their argument was also catching to a certain extent. What could be fairer, any one would have thought at the first glance, than to call upon the Hiudusabhaites that if they really believed in Indian nationalism and representation in proportion to population they should hand over the Hindu State of Kashmir to the Moslem majority there?

The National principle which forms the political creed of the Mahasabha lays it down that all citizens who owe undivided loyalty and allegiance to the Indian nation and to the Indian state shall be treated with perfect equality and shall share duties and obligations equally in common, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, and the representation also shall either be on the basis of one man one vote or in proportion to the population in case of separate electorates and public services shall go by merit alone.

One Nation, One State:

It will be immediately seen that the first and the indispensable factor in this national political creed is the fact that it applies only to those persons who are citizens of the Indian nation and Indian state and owe an undivided loyalty to it. It is their majority alone which on democratic principles shall be entitled to make laws for and rule or administer the State. But these Moslem organizations in Kashmir or outside who contribute to the Pakistani creed, declare that they want to secede from the Indian state and can therefore owe no loyalty to the Central Indian Government. Nay, they feel themselves quite free to join even the enemies of the Indian state to invade and subdue it. How can Moslems who own this creed be looked upon as citizens of India at all? They must in fact be treated as incipient enemies of the Indian state and Indian nation, like any suspected aliens who reside in the country. They have no right either moral or legal by their own confession, to demand that confidence and equal treatment in the Hindu state or the Central Indian State. The first duty of a state and a nation is, and ought to be, self-preservation and self-defence. No state in the world can allow that section which openly aims to create “state within a state,” to dominate it, Any Hindu stale which commits this suicidal error of delivering its military or police or legislature or such other vital factors over to the Moslem majority cannot but be doomed to destruction. The same holds good as regards the Indian state.

Under Hindu Rule:

I wish that the Moslems in Kashmir do not forget that they are subjects of a Hindu state and unless and until they cut off all their connection with such disloyal creeds and organizations as the Pakistani ones and owe an undivided loyalty to the Hindu state and the unity and in-divisibility of the Central Indian State as well, they cannot claim “‘the rights’’ which are dun to the majority of the loyal citizens alone As soon as the Moslems whether in the Hindu States or in India as a whole fulfill these conditions the Hindu Mahasabha will certainly allow them the benefit of its national formula of democratic representation based on the population proportion.

What about the Nizam?

The second essential factor which the Moslems should note in the national creed of the Hindu Mahasabha as referred to above is that it is a “National” formula and can only be applied uniformly ail over the Indian nation taken as a political unit. The. Moslems in the Kashmir state therefore cannot claim alone the benefit of the majority rule while the Hindus of the Hyderabad and the Bhopal States are denied the very same right. The Indian Moslems cannot invoke upon democracy only to appropriate to themselves the provinces having a Moslem majority and condemn in the same breath the application of the same democratic principles and majority rule as regards the Indian State as a whole. Moslems in Kashmir and outside may rest assured that as soon as the democratic principles on which Hindu Mahasabha takes its stand are applied on a uniform basis in Hyderabad, Bhopal and throughout India the Mahasabha shall never fail to apply it in case of the Kashmiri Moslems too. The Hindus cannot think of the Hindus in Kashmir as cut off and apart from Hindudom as a whole, just as the Kashmir Moslems feel themselves inseparably connected with Islam outside Kashmir and even outside India and do not fail at limes to call upon these outside Moslems to help them, at times even in their treacherous designs to capture the Hindu State and annex it to their airy ambitions of a Pakistani Federation.

But apart from all this is the fact that Moslems in the Hindu slate of Kashmir are incomparably better treated than the Hindus in the Nizam state or in any other Moslem slate. In Kashmir the security of life and property the Moslems enjoy is a thing unknown in the Nizam state as far as the Hindus arc concerned, who are attacked, killed, looted at this place or that by the riotous Moslem mobs almost from month to month. The Moslems have in Kashmir fifty per cent representation already in the legislature while in the Moslem states there are no legislatures at all in working order.

Hindudom’s Northern Watchman:

I rejoiced to witness in Kashmir enthusiastic scenes which were the sure outcome of a great mental revolution effected by the Hindu Mahasabha ideology. This revival of the Hindu spirit in Kashmir cannot but prove a guarantee of Hindu future and the strengthening of the Hindu State there. The realistic politics on which the national policy and principle of the Hindu Mahasabha take up their stand require that every Hindu Sanghatanist in Kashmir stale whether he be in majority as in the Jammu province or in minority as in other provinces in the state, must stand up undaunted by the Pan-Hindu flag defending the integrity and honour of the Hindu state. The Hindus in the Kashmir state constitute the northern-most post of the Hindu forces. It has been at once their duty and pride to play the part of a brave and unflinching watchman on the north guarding the destiny of the Hindu nation and like all dutiful and unflinching watchmen let every Hindu in the Kashmir State do his duty by the Hindu nation isolated, alone, but fully confident that the forces of Hindudom as a whole animated by the spirit of the Sanghatan movement stand behind him ready to march either to support him in time or at any rate to avenge-him later on.





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