Who is the real Indian-Sangathanist?

August 24, 1944


I thank Mr. C. Rajagopalachari for the fine compliment he has paid to the Hindu Mahasabha in one of his recent statements to the effect that he found almost all important sections of the Indian public ready to support his Pakistan proposal except the Hindu Mahasabha which was determined to offer uncompromising opposition. He has of course noted the fact in a mourning mood! Taking into consideration Rajaji’s ceaseless efforts during the last three years supported by the wealth of his crafty intelligence and the long purse of the Congressite multi-millionaires to capture the Hindu Mahasabha and to render it but a handmaid of the Gandhist group, it was natural that he should feel discomfited to find that even those in the Hindu Mahasabha camp who were not quite cured of the pseudo-nationalistic mentality and on whom he therefore relied, should have proved but broken reeds and the Hindu Mahasabha should have in the end denounced the very principle of Provincial self-determination to secede from the integrated Indian Nation.

But this discomfiture has only made Rajaji all the more desperate. He seems to have lost all sense of proportion in as much as he has tried in his latest statement to preach a sermon even to my humble self whom I have thought he had long since given up as a lost soul, a hopeless case. Says he, “Mr. Savarkar has stated that it is the duty of every Hindu Sanghatanist to denounce my proposal- I, Mr. Savarkar, may thus define the duty of his Hindu Sanghathanists, but what about the duty of Indian Sanghathanists, whose aim is to be free and not only to be organized against Muslims.” All that I need point out in my self-defence is that this is a case of Rajaji versus Rajaji. He contradicts himself. For, has not Rajaji himself acknowledged publicly with commendable frankness that the spark of patriotism was lit first in his youthful days by the reading of my books like ‘The War of Indian Independence’? Was not the very word independence ushered into Indian political currency for the first time by me along with my brave comrades of the ‘Abhinav Bharat Society’? Did we not for the first time in recent history proclaim absolute political independence as the political goal of India and even rise in an armed revolt, whose echoes reverberated throughout Europe and America for decades and for the first time invested the question of Indian independence with international importance? I hope that he who candidly bears witness to this undeniable truth will also concede the fact that I must be knowing something of what ‘independence’, ‘freedom, ‘Indian-Sanghathan really imply! Has Rajaji ever paused to think how it is that one on whom he looked yesterday as the foremost and fiery ‘Indian Sanghathanist’ could he transformed into a ‘Hindu Sanghathanist’ today?

I do not know whether Rajaji’s acquaintance with Sanskrit is on par with that of Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru, the Knight errant who is now out to prove that the Arabianised and Persianised Urdu language and the Urdu script are better entitled to be the National language and script of Hindus than Sanskritized Hindi! But as Rajaji is after all born in an Acharya family, I would not be far from truth if I presume that he must be knowing this much that the word Sanghathan means preeminently consolidation, integration, unification and can never mean disintegration, dislocation, vivisection or decentralization.

Then, pray, tell us who the real Indian Sanghatanist is? I, who, along with my Hindu Sanghatanist comrades try to defend the integrity of India or Rajaji, who perhaps without realizing the nature of the mischief, admit the principle of provincial self-determination to secede from the integrated Indian Nation? I, the Hindu Sanghatanist, who proclaims that not an inch of our Motherland and Holy land should and could be cut off under any pretext by iconoclastic hands! Or Rajaji, who, by admitting the above principle opens out the way to breaking up the already consolidated and strongly centralized Indian nation and the Indian State into pieces? Who is the real ‘Indian Sanghatanist’? The Congressite, who lays the butcher’s knife on the neck of our motherland, deprives her of the most natural and the most invulnerable frontier line running parallel to the snow-capped Himalayas and cutting up Sind, Punjab, Bengal and Assam, itches to hand them over to our hereditary enemies, the Moslems, who are openly demanding them for rowing a Moslem State separate, independent, and sovereign effacing from the map the name of India altogether: or the Hindu Sanghathanist who opposes it tooth and nail?